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Simple wish

make a wish and toss a coin into well

If you are poor, simply throw a free virtual coin into a Wishing Well and make a wish.

Drop a virtual coin - free

Golden wish

flip a coin, toss a coin into wish fountain

Golden wish is one for you and one for me. Donate a real coin and help me make my wish come true.

Drop a real coin - donate

Yes, you can!

Yin and Yang, eternal battle inside of every human being

I love this story about an old man in China, who once was telling a story about two wolves inside of each of us, having an eternal fight. Each day, each hour, they fight. First one is all bad an ugly, full of hate and rage, while the second one is pure love, honesty, kindness and compassion.

A little child was listening and he asks: "Teacher, which wolf wins?"

"The one you feed better," replied the old man.

Some more facts about wishing well...

Water fountain or well houses divine beings, deities, which grant you a wish

Water housed deities
It is a believe that water as a source of life is a home of supernatural, divine beings, which were put there by Gods. They can communicate with humans and Gods on levels of consciousness beyond the grounded preoccupations of ordinary life.

Toss a coin into a wish fountain or a wishing well

Why throw a coin?
It is a believe that guardians or dwellers of the well  or fountain will grant you a wish if you pay a price. After uttering the wish, you drop a coin and based upon how coin would land at the bottom of the well, the wish might be granted to you.

How your wishes can came true

Wish came true guarantee?
No, my dear, of course not. I am not a magician, I don't have magic ball nor magic wand. Also I do not posses any abracadabra powers. I am just a simple man with strong believes in human internal powers. I believe that all things must come into balance, sooner or later, so if you deserve what you wish, and your wish is strong enough, it will come true someday.
But hey, it's not so simple and painless. Throwing a coin, here or anywhere, or staring at falling star and making a wish will not solve your problems. You must work or pay for your problems to be solved, there's no other way. Work it out with positive attitude, or pay with pain or money; OK, I know the last might seem weird, but it's how this world goes. It is true that money can't buy you happiness, but hey, you can be unhappy in a really nice place ;-)

Water is source of life.

Water is the source of life
I advise you to drink two cups of water every morning to prevent many diseases. It's like starting your day by sending signals to your body, both on plain chemical way to allow cell osmosis to carry on, and to pure some balanced liquid as a reference.

Water is mysterious and does not obey the basic laws of physics

Mysterious water
Water is the only known substance, which rebels the laws of physics. Four degrees before water freezes, its density decreases, even though it should increase. Then is succumbs again to laws of physics and it becomes solid. Water is the only substance, which can exist in all three aggregate states, solid, liquid and gas.
Also one not so known water property is the mystic 37 degrees Celsius (99 Fahrenheit), where water when heated from freezing to boiling point it always consumes the exact the same amount of energy for each degree heated. Except from 37 to 38, where it needs twice the amount of energy.
These and some other water mysteries are still bothering the scientists all over the world.

Wish fountain donations for green energy project

Where do coins go?
All donated coins go for my research on green sources of energy. These are my independent and innovative research, which I do not have money to support on my own. As I am not rich I also admit, that I will spend some money for food and everyday's goods, too. You are welcome to read more about it here.

Not to wish

  • 1

    Please, do not wish any bad to anyone! Keep negative energy away.

  • 2

    Please, no revenge thinking! Do not contribute to the bad pool.

  • 3

    Please, do not wish getting something that you don't deserve. Just wishing to be rich won't do, sorry.

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